How To Pack The Ultimate Maternity Hospital Bag with Baby Brain

How To Pack The Ultimate Maternity Hospital Bag with Baby Brain


The big day is just around the corner and you’re ready to begin prepping your maternity hospital bag. Congratulations! This is such an exciting time, but it’s equally as stressful. Your pregnancy hormones likely have your baby brain going full force these days and forgetting things seems to come naturally with that. The good news is there’s no need to worry because Haut Monde has the ultimate maternity hospital bag checklist of all the things you probably forgot about, and all the adorable baby accessories you need.


The Essential Documents

As you’re stuffing your maternity hospital bag with cute baby accessories, it can be easy to forget about the most important essentials – the documents. Make sure you have all of your hospital paperwork, I.D., medical records, and any other documents. Store them in a zippered compartment in your maternity hospital bag to keep them safe and secure until you need them.


Bodysuits for Babies

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Most hospitals will provide essential baby clothing as needed, but the polices do vary from hospital to hospital, so this is something to look into. Better yet, toss in some baby bodysuits into your maternity hospital bag. This ensures one less thing you have to worry about and you’ll have a backup plan in case your baby makes a mess.


Baby’s Going Home Outfit

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Don’t forget your baby’s first outfit. While your child may be decked out in hospital attire, let’s be honest, mom, you want your baby to come home in an adorable infant outfit that isn’t from the hospital. After all, think about all those cute pictures you’ll be taking! So, grab some baby accessories and infant outfits from our Haut Monde collection. We have matching beanie and swaddle sets that are perfect for this special day. 


Socks and Booties

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It doesn’t take much for a newborn baby’s toes to get chilly, so make sure you pack some cute baby socks and booties. Even if it’s warm, they’re just too darn cute not to put on.


Baby First Toy

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Your baby will most likely be more interested in scanning this new world he or she has entered into, feeding, or enjoying skin-to-skin contact. However, there’s something special about having something years down the road where you can say, “This was your first baby toy”. It’s also nice to have a comfy baby toy for them to cozy up to when you’re trying to rest in between feedings and on the car ride home.


Phone and Charger

Speaking of all these adorable baby accessories for new moms, you know there will be plenty of impromptu photoshoots. So, make sure you have your phone and phone charger added into your maternity hospital bag to capture all of those first moments in the hospital.


Reuseable Nappies

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Prepare to be amazed. It’s shocking how much can come out of such a small little human. This is precisely why diapers are such a major expense. Studies show that the average parent spends around $4500 on nappies a year. So, save yourself some serious cash, dress your baby in beautiful designs, and reduce your carbon footprint with reusable cloth nappies.


Write To Me Baby Journal

Alright Moms, we know that you’ll be super exhausted after giving birth to your new bundle of joy, but you will also be equally excited. It’s one of those moments that is so special, but one that often becomes a blur over the years. So, make sure you pack your Write To Me Baby Journal for moms in your maternity hospital bag and jot down everything you want to treasure for many years to come.


While there are a gazillion other things you already have packed in your maternity hospital bag, don’t forget these adorable baby accessories. From reusable nappies to cute baby beanies and outfits, these are the forgotten things you don’t want to forget. Head on over to Haut Monde to get the cutest baby clothes, baby accessories, nursery décor, baby essentials, and even some stuff for mom too!