6 Chic Must Have Gift Ideas For New Moms

6 Chic Must Have Gift Ideas For New Moms

There are few things as great as chic gift ideas for new moms that double as a helping hand at remembering all of the amazing moments that seem to go by so fast. So, whether you’re looking for gift ideas for new moms because you’re expecting or are attending a baby shower in the near future, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at some of the best gift ideas and top baby accessories that are way more chic and original than those typical diaper gifts.


Chic Baby Accessories and Gift Ideas for New Moms

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Nine Months Pregnancy Journal for Remembering the Experience

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If you can jump on the pregnancy right away, gifting a new mom with a pregnancy journal is a beautiful idea. It’s a unique gift idea that allows them to write down a full nine moments of special moments that they’ll be able to treasure forever. And let’s be honest ladies, we all know that without a journal, baby brain can make it difficult to remember anything.


Journals for Moms to Write to their Baby

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Perhaps it’s closer to the due date and a pregnancy journal is out of the question. No need to fear because Haut Monde always has you covered. Some of our favourite gift ideas for new moms come straight from our Write to Me Collection. We have the perfect journals for mom, including baby journals where they can write letters for their child to read when they grow older and a Funny Things My Kids Say journal for treasuring those silly moments. 


Dummies and Chic Dummy Chains are

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Every mom knows that you can never have too many baby dummies and you can never have enough cute dummy chains to keep the dang things in place. It’s like this terrible trick babies play on their parents, throwing their dummies in the weirdest places every chance they get. So, save your mom-friend (or yourself) countless hours of scrambling around the house desperately searching for a dummy. We have a vast collection of cute dummies and matching dummy chains that take these must-have baby accessories and make them the latest trend.


Baby Wrap and Beanie Set are Versatile

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Whether you’re shopping for yourself or are looking for gift ideas for moms in your Facebook group, a baby wrap and beanie set is absolutely a must. You know you’ll all be snapping all kinds of pictures of the baby and our baby wrap and beanie sets make them look even more adorable… If that’s even possible.

Side note, you can use this baby wrap and beanie set as a swaddle, a blanket for the bassinet, for use over the pram, to cover yourself while breastfeeding or as a snuggly blankie.


Baby Bibs for Cute Clean-up

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Just like baby dummies and dummy chains, parents can never have too many of them. But we aren’t just talking about regular ole’ baby bibs. At Haut Monde, we up the style with baby bibs that are just as chic as they are practical, making them a top baby accessory. Our waterproof snuggle bibs keep the mess minimal while also keeping mealtime fun and beautiful. We even have ballerina bibs for baby, bandana bibs, burpy bibs, oh my! Baby bibs have never been so chic.


Milestone Cards For Capturing Major Moments

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A thriving trend for new moms is to capture milestone photos that track their little one’s growth. These cute little photoshoots can be a lot of work if you don’t have pre-made baby accessories ready to be staged. But it’s a trend no new mom wants to miss out on. So, we’ve created baby milestone cards that are a must have baby accessory for new moms. Swaddle the baby, place the milestone cards, accessorize with a chic dummy chain and you have a baby photoshoot ready to go.


Being a new mom is such an exciting time that you truly want to make the most out of because it does go by way too quickly. At Haut Monde, we make it easy and chic to capture the cutest and most important moments that make motherhood so special. Shop our top baby accessories and gift ideas for new moms today.