Nursery Essentials You Probably Forgot About

Nursery Essentials You Probably Forgot About

With the long list of things to do to prepare for a baby, getting the nursery ready is a top priority. Sleep is such an integral part of a baby’s development, and let’s be honest, you know you want some too! Create the ultimate atmosphere for your baby to grow in with these baby accessories and common nursery essentials many parents forget about.

Nursery Essentials and Top Baby Accessories

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A Place For You

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Sure, the nursery is for the baby but mom and dad spend just as much time in this space trying to catch up on their zzz’s. Dedicate a corner of the room to be a cozy little zen den for you to snooze, snuggle, read, feed, and rock your little one. Invest in a comfortable rocking nursing chair with a footrest. You won’t regret it once you realize how much time you spend reading, snoozing, feeding, cuddling, and rocking in it. Toss a natural shape lambskin by your feet for extra coziness (and a comfy place for the baby to have tummy time), and voila!


A Nursery Night Light

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Set the ambiance in the nursery for a quiet night of rest with a nightlight. While your little one won’t be afraid of the dark for another year or so, having a nursery night light is a nursery essential most commonly forgotten about. Mood lighting in the baby’s bedroom is a great way to create a soothing atmosphere and it’ll save you from stubbing your toes when you stumble in for 5 a.m. feedings. Fin also doubles as a reading light.


Bassinet Sheets... And Lots of Them

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Sheets, sheets and more bassinet sheets. You will need more than you have unless you plan on doing laundry every day and sometimes more than once. Grab a couple sets of bassinet sheets and store them in a nearby closet. You’ll be thankful for this tip when you find a mess in the bassinet or cot in the middle of the night. Having extra bassinet sheets allows you to quickly put on a new set and worry about the dirty sheets in the morning. Back to bed, everyone. There’s nothing to see here.


Mattress Protector for Cot

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Speaking of your baby’s bassinet, another commonly forgotten about nursery essential is a mattress protector for the cot. This is a must have baby accessory, as it ensures your baby’s comfort while also protecting them from bacteria and dust mites. Like the bassinet sheets, we recommend having two mattress protectors for when one is in the wash or for when travelling.


A Sleep Trainer Light

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Sleep training is something you certainly don’t want to skip out on. Our Zazu Sleeptrainer Sam the Lamb is a top baby accessory that parents love just as much as their little ones. This nursery nightlight changes colours when it’s morning and night, can be set at a specific time or length of a nap, and can stay lit continuously or with an automatic shut off. It is nursery technology at its finest. As a bonus, it can be used for many years to come, as it is also an alarm clock with analogue and digital time to help your child learn and understand how to tell time.


A Journal For Mom (or Dad)

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Sit in your comfy corner and write down those adorable milestones in a mom journal. It’s a nursery essential that pairs perfectly with your mom-corner, as you can cozy up on your chair with your swaddled baby and jot down the important moments you’ll want to treasure forever. Mom journals are an amazing accessory to have and with baby brain at an all-time high, you can also use it to track your baby’s feedings, bowel movements, and sleep patterns.


Kid-Friendly Hand Sanitizer

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It doesn’t take long as a parent to find out how many situations you’ll come across in a nursery that will result in you sanitizing your hands. Spoiler Alert: There will be a lot. However, to ensure a clean and safe environment, opt for kid-friendly sanitizer. Our non-toxic anti-bacterial spray blocks 99.9% of germs and is free of fragrances and bleach.


Save yourself the trip to the store once the baby arrives. Prepare a beautiful place for your baby to rest online at Haut Monde. We have all the nursery essentials you need, with an extra splash of chic style added into all of our baby accessories.